Sheestown Co. Kilkennny

About Orla Murphy

Since earliest childhood I have always had an artistic streak in my nature. However I did not pursue this as a career,instead qualifying as a Secondary School Teacher. Art resurfaced in my life when I attended Batik classes with Peter Wenger in Kilkenny and realised how much I enjoyed producing something people admired. Now after many years raising my four children and with the encouragement of my husband ,I am rediscovering art once again in my life. Having exhibited at Showcase in the RDS last January I am encouraged by the positive reaction of people to my work. I hope you enjoy it too.


My inspiration comes from many sources but mainly from nature and the wonderful colours of the changing landscape at different times and seasons. Using watercolours allows me to experiment with colour and I am drawn to colour bleeds and the fantasy effect they result in. Some people have commented that my work resembles silk painting. Horizons are also a theme which features a lot symbolizing new horizons and new beginnings in life and work.